NanoGlass – The Cheap Alternative to Google Glass



How many of you would like a pair of Google Glass? Alright, let me rephrase that, how many of you would like to pay $1500 for your own Google Glass? Probably not too many people are too keen on the %1500 price tag that Google Glass comes with. But what about $25? A lot more of you would buy a pair if THAT was the price tag, right? Well that’s just what EmoPulse is trying to do – make their own version of Google Glass with a total price of $25!

EmoPulse has been making a couple headlines recently, especially with their new smartwatch, the EmoPulse Smile. Well they also have another product in the works, the nanoGlass.

Alright, it’s true, saying that nanoGlass is just like Google Glass but with a cheaper price tag is a bit far fetched. There are a number of features that nanoGlass doesn’t have. In fact, most features that Google Glass has aren’t included in nanoGlass  – things like the display, the camera, voice commands, and so on. In fact, the goal of nanoGlass isn’t to be the cheap Google Glass. NanoGlass is really a notifications device.

Essentially, nanoGlass is a pair of glasses with a fiber optic cable extended towards the front of the glasses so you can just make it out in your peripheral vision. The fiber optics can light up in different colors – blue, green red, and so on. And different colors represent different notification. Red is used to indicate an incoming call, blue for a new SMS, green for event reminders, and so on. Furthermore, all these colors are customizable, and you can even customize color combinations for different things.

The glasses also have a receiver for the Bluetooth data, and this receiver is waterproof for rainy days.

Overall nanoGlass is certainly not a cheap version of Google Glass, however if you are looking to connect your glass to your smartphone for simple notifications then this could be the best option for you.

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