Naked and Famous Unveil a Line of Scratch-n-Sniff Jeans


We all love wearing jeans. They are low maintenance, comfortable and barely have to be washed like ever. OK, you should probably wash them regularly but they never look dirty so it’s easy to forget that basic fact of personal hygiene. In any event, being as how jeans are wearable, they have not avoided the awesome, awesome specter of wearable technology. Today we have yet another cool pair of denim that does something even the techiest of jeans cannot do. What is this magical thing? Well, it can smell like a delicious raspberry.

Naked and Famous, who have been making stellar boutique quality jeans for several years ago, are back with their kookiest invention ever. That’s right. Introducing scratch-n-sniff jeans. You rub em furiously, but not furiously enough to get arrested, and within moments they will fill your nostrils with the sweet, sweet smell of raspberries. This is great when there is another, not so fruity smell lurking somewhere in the vicinity. The company says the smell lasts even through multiple washes so you can keep the good times coming. We aren’t exactly sure how the smell lasts through washes but it must be some awesome totally non-dangerous chemicals. Cool!

The Canadian company has only released a small batch of these smelly, in a good way, jeans. You can snag a pair for $150, which is line with how expensive the rest of their denim is. If you can’t afford the asking price, you can always just roll around in a raspberry grove for a few years. Same difference. Here is a video.