NailDisplay prototype finally lets you touchscreen type with certainty


Let’s try a scenario here. You receive an important text as you are walking through the snow. You try to reply, ignoring the elements, and end up frantically rubbing your digits all over the wrong letters. You end up sending something that is, let’s be kind, rather embarrassing. Whatever it is you were trying to do(impress a crush) is now ruined forever. If only there was an easier and more certain way to send text messages with a touchscreen-enabled smartphone!

There could be very soon. A team of researchers from National Taiwan University in Taipei have developed an OLED display that is mounted on your fingernail. What is the meaning of all of this? Well, now as you hunt and peck around your touchscreen, your finger nail will let you know what letter you are hovering over. There will be no more text-related mistakes! Of course, this tech could find a use in more operations than just sending texts. The researchers see many uses for it, including adding a display to gadgets that don’t include one(think iPod Shuffle.)

Of course, this is just a working prototype for now. Nobody knows if this tech will be available for consumers but the designers are hopeful. After all, for those of us who are clutzy in the realm of touchscreen typing, it could be a boon. This display itself is a 0.96-inch OLED screen with a 96 x 64 resolution and each pixel is capable of 65 thousand colors. It also features an on-board vibrator that assists in choosing the correct letter as well.