Myvu Wearable Display Glasses


Myvu Wearable Display Glasses

Escape in your own personal viewing environment with the Myvu Wearable Display

By connecting the small, ultra-light “binocular” eyewear viewer to an iPod, users can watch their favorite music videos, video podcasts and TV shows with a large image right in front of their eyes. Since the Myvu viewer works indoors and outdoors, users can experience portable video anywhere, anytime. Because the display and audio systems are built into the eyewear, myvu can be worn in any position — reclining on an airplane, sitting on a park bench and even lying down on a couch.

The glasses come with extra ear pads and nose pads and you can even buy prescription lenses for them. You will look funny with them on — that’s the price you have to pay for coolness — but they work amazingly well.

If you travel at all and use a video iPod or Zune, get them. You won’t be disappointed. They’re a bit pricey ($199.95 online) but they work and are quite fun to wear and use.