MYO Telekinetic Armband


Well, it might not be TELEKINETIC, but it certainly might seem like it. Thalmic Labs has announced their newest invention in gesture control, which is essentially technology that allows users to control computers through movements of their hands, much like the Xbox Kinect.

The MYO works as an armband, which essentially is positioned on your arm in a way that allows it to be able to sense your muscle movement through a series of sensors located inside the armband. This is different from many other gesture control devices, which mostly rely on cameras, like the aforementioned Microsoft Xbox Kinect.

Not only is this device going to be extremely helpful for controlling computers, but the API of MYO is also available to developers who might have ideas on new and interesting ways to use the technology. This could mean that the MYO could be used for any number of technological situations, as can be seen in their video below.

The MYO armband is a breakthrough in gesture control technology. Previously, gesture control was camera based, but the MYO opens the door to many other possibilites. While this is a great breakthrough, users will need to remember that it has to be worn directly on the body, and this might not be the best thing for some applications.

Alternate ways to controlling digital technology are becoming more and more common. The mouse is soon going to be a thing of the past, and newer technologies like touch control will take over. Because of recent breakthroughs in gesture control, such as the MYO armband, we have reason to believe that even touch control might be out soon!