MyFitDog Will Help Keep Your Dog Fit and Trim


We all love dogs. They walk with us. They sleep with us. They constantly beg for our food. They are truly, da dum dum, man’s best friend. Because they are so affiliated with mankind, it makes sense that the growing field of wearable technology would also grow to include our prized poochies and kitties. To that end, we like to spotlight wearable pet tech every once in a while. It’s that time of the mutt-nth again. Here is a cool piece of wearable pet tech that promises to help keep your beloved Spike or Fido fit as a fiddle. There is nothing worse than a fat dog(Just kidding. Fat dogs are awesome.)

It’s appropriately named MyFitDog as it helps you have a, well, fit dog. It’s a system that includes a vitality tracking collar that keeps a record of all of the fabulous cardio your dog is undertaking. This information can be accessed via a free app. The cool part about this app is the robust social element, which lets your dog communicate with your friend’s dogs to exchange gossip and the location of dog treats. OK, it’s you and your friend doing the actual communicating but you can pretend! It is 2o14, after all.

This device isn’t released on store shelves yet. Actually, the makers of MyFitDog haven’t even received final funding yet. They have taken to Kickstarter to raise monies and they need your help. You can preorder your very own gadget for around $49.