MyChi Sportswear uses the magic of acupuncture to keep you fit


mychi sportswear 1
Us coach potatoes need any fitness edge we can get. Whether it’s Paul Ryan’s P90X workout, eating a diet consisting solely of broccoli or even sleeping for a half hour in two hour intervals throughout the day we need all of the help we can get. Fitness gadgets have picked up some of the slack in recent years, however. They can do, well, pretty much anything you need to get that aged musculature to a better place. Soon there’s going to be a new fitness game in town, based on the ancient wisdom of acupuncture.

The New York College of Health Professions is developing a range of clothing that targets key pressure points in the body for pain relief and performance enhancement. It’s called MyChi and, don’t worry, it is designed for both athletes and non athletes alike. Couch potatoes unite! This line of clothing will equip uniforms, sweatbands, and other gear with strategically positioned “acupressure buttons” to stimulate blood circulation and the immune response. This can only do good things for your fitness regiment.

The line’s creator, Donald Spector, sees them being used for everything from increased athletic performance to appetite suppression. This is because, of course, acupuncture is used to treat everything under the sun. The same should, in theory, hold true for acupuncture-based clothing. Expect to wear these buttons for nausea, insomnia and a bunch of other words that end like that. The MyChi collection is still being developed and can not yet be purchased at stores. You’ll have to keep getting your acupuncture fix the old fashioned way for now, by laying on a bunch of rusty nails.