Muzik Being Billed as World’s First Smart Headphone


A lot of things bill themselves as “smart” these days: Phones, watches and even politicians(da dum dum.) There is a lot of truth to some of this tech-driven intelligence(politicians withstanding.) Google Glass is most certainly a brilliant example of smart glasses and Pebble is indeed a shining example of the Smartwatch. However, there hasn’t been much buzz behind the concept of smart headphones. This could be changing, however. Introducing some headphones that are claiming to be the world’s first smart headphones. What makes these cans so good at the SATs? Take it away boys.

They are called Muzik, which probably doesn’t seem too smart to you if you are at all interested in correct spelling. However, they truly do bring some new ideas to the table. For one, each pair of headphones features capacitive touch controls, which can be used for adjustments and sharing tunes on the fly. There is also a microphone on board with features full Siri integration, if you are into that whole female robot giving you directions and asking you not to cuss thing. The whole thing connects to your smartphone via a patented new cable which claims to be able to process higher fidelity rates for music, as well as access to all of the aforementioned tech. Additionally, these headphones can use Bluetooth and feature a fairly sturdy 15 hour battery shelf life.

They also come in buds, if the idea of wearing normal sized headphones gives you a panic attack. You can order them now. The big boys will set you back $299 and the earbuds will cost $129. That fancy cable for your smartphone? That’ll hurt your wallet to the tune f $59. Yowza. That cable had better ace the GREs for me.