Mutt Mount Uses GoPro Camera to Let Pooches Take Pics


Here at Crunchwear we love our pets. However, while we spend the days writing about the latest and greatest developments in wearable technology, we can’t help but wonder what they are getting up to. They don’t have Google Glass for dogs, after all. Thankfully, the wizards that man the spell casting rooms in the school of wearable tech have come up with a pooch-friendly workaround. Here is a way to always keep a camera on your dog to make sure they aren’t chewing up your prized record collection. Dogs love to eat old records. It’s a well known fact of science.

Introducing the aptly named Mutt Mount. This dog-mountable device uses a GoPro camera and makes it canine friendly. The GoPro takes seamless, and beautiful video and is also water proof. This is great when your beloved dog Henry goes traipsing around in the local pond. The mount simply goes over the dog like a collar, and then you strap the GoPro in. Before long you and your dog will be making beautiful movies together. Who knows, maybe that pooch is the next Spielberg.

The best part? No Kickstarting required. The Mutt Mount is available right now at some pet stores. However, if you don’t want start checking every pet store in your neighborhood, you can also pick one up on Amazon for around $46. Here is a video of the drooling behemoth in action.