Music and Sons Music T-Shirt


Music and Sons Music T-Shirt

 Music and Sons from Italy offers this beautiful looking urban-style fashion T-Shirt for girls and boys, for the music enthusiasts and fashionistas.

How many times did I get in trouble with my tangling wires in front off me. In the office, at home and in crowded places, I had encounters with sudden, forceful earphone removals because something or someone got between my body and the tangling wires.

That’s now over with Music and Sons’s T-Shirts that come with stereo earphones and a side pocket for the iPod or MP3 player. No more flying cables and sudden earplug removal.

The T-Shirts are designed in Italy, manufactured in Bangladesh through the fair trade project Aarong and are finished, printed and “set to music” one by one in Italy by Music and Sons.

A conductive yarn runs from the side pocket to the back collar. The T-Shirts are washable like any other T-Shirt. Unplug the earphone when not needed or to wash the garment. The plug for your MP3 player, ends inside the side pocket.

Music and Sons Music T-Shirt

Order your T-Shirt(s) which is available in different styles and colors for ~ $40.- via Music and Sons’s online store. It’s a special discount price right now (regular price is $ 47.-).

Listen to music on-the-go was never so chic before.