MP3 Player Creative Bracelet by Dinard Da Mata is Powered by Your Pulse


There are plenty of concept designs out there but some of them are significantly cooler than others. What about an MP3 player bracelet that charges via your pulse? Sound cool? All you have to do to see it is look at the concept design by Dinard da Mata. Unfortunately no one is making this nifty little device, but you can always dream.


What Does it Do?

463c0188f2c938d021e6d4ff1fa5a011The MP3 Player Creative wraps around your wrist where it would play music via Bluetooth wireless earbuds. The exterior of the MP3 bracelet can be used to play, fast forward, scroll, and flip through songs, and some variations of the bracelet also show a scrolling display of song or album photos similar to that used by the iPod.  With wireless bluetooth earbuds you can listen anywhere, and almost anonymously as most people won’t even realize that you’re earbuds are in. In fact, if you cover the bracelet with your sleeve, there is almost no way for anyone to tell that you’re listening to music. Best of all, the bracelet would not have to be clipped awkwardly to your arm or in a pocket where it might fall out.

Why it Would Be Great

The MP3 Player Creative Bracelet shows a lot of potential and it’s almost guaranteed to sell should anyone pick it up. Unfortunately, as a concept, it most likely never will. However, it would be great for a lot of reasons. The first is that as wearable tech, it’s pretty bb2fc7f172d62b913d1b8e4871996250unobtrusive and doesn’t make you look like a spaced out runway model. The second is that it is very practical. A wearable MP3 player would free up your hands, while the earbuds would allow you to play music without cords or wires. You could wear these at work and not have to worry about your boss seeing them, or wear it on a bike and not have to worry about the wire catching on anything. All in all, a pretty impressive design.

Supposedly the bracelet MP3 player also charges using your heartbeat, although no details of the technology itself were ever released. Most likely this would involve using piezoelectric power, or the power of vibration, which can be collected relatively easily through the right material. However, this kind of charging would be enough to prolong the battery rather than extend it infinitely, as the power produced by piezoelectricity is enough to charge a device, but playing sound uses a lot of power.

Why You Won’t See it

As a concept, the MP3 Player Creative Bracelet is fabulous. However, it would be very hard to pull off cost effectively with the quality that most would expect. Bluetooth sound quality still has a lot of glitches so you might expect problems like hissing or skipping sound. The device itself would be extremely expensive to build and $300 or more would probably be a starting point. While it is a great concept, most companies probably aren’t willing to take the risk on building something like this right now.
However, you can most likely expect something similar to come up within the next few years. We already have smart watches which are a close second, and these are sure to be expanded upon within a few generations.