Movea Teams Up With Texas Instruments For G-Series Wristband


We may be in the thick of winter right now, but we aren’t too far from the puppy days of spring. Then, of course, we aren’t far from the dog days of summer. Those dog days mean we have to hang out by the beach and, gag, show off our bods. We had better get in shape. Exercise is hard though(whine.) Luckily, there is an entire cottage industry that has cropped up to help people get healthier. They usually come in the form of armbands or wristbands, and they track just about every sweaty thing we do and give us some charts and graphs in return. Here is another one!

Movea, an up and comer in the wearable technology scene, has teamed up with everyone’s favorite 1980s calculator watch manufacturer Texas Instruments to create a new wristband called the G-Series. These vitality tracks keep an eye on all of your physical activity, but thats not all. They also track your sleep, or lack thereof, and even how you’ve been standing and sitting lately(posture.) All of this info gets beamed to your smartphone, tablet or laptop for chin-stroking perusal. The creators claim it has a much higher accuracy rate than rival units, so you’ll be sure to know just how little you’ve been burning calories.

The G-Series units aren’t yet available in stores but don’t worry your lazy little head about it. The two companies say they’ll be showing up on shelves shortly. No price has been mentioned as of yet. We’ll let you know more when there is more to know.