Motorola’s HC1 is the wearable computer of your high-tech dreams


Motorola Mobility HC 1
Much has been written, on this blog particularly, about the innovations that Google’s forthcoming Project Glass brings to the table. These smartglasses pretty much reinvent how you connect with your social network, how you make cute videos, how you send texts and all sorts of other things. But they don’t offer much for the Enterprise consumer. In short, business people have no particular use for them. They are silly little things primarily intended for the younger set. Will the CEO-minded among us ever something that uses similar tech that is aimed more for the Blackberry user? Wait no more, it is almost upon us.

Motorola, yes that Motorola, has just announced their HC1 line of wearable PCs. This snazzy get-up can do everything your home computer can do, only without the need for those cumbersome hands. The best part? You’ll look like a bona-fide member of the Borg while doing it! You will be assimilated, into convenience.

This wearable computer is powered by a dual-core 800-MHz processor. Designed for use in the defense, utilities, telecommunications, aerospace, and aviation industries, the device displays information on an eye-level screen that sits at the end of a sturdy arm, roughly like the mouthpiece on a traditional headset. Of course, it has WiFi, Bluetooth and all of those other bells and whistles. It’s a full-featured PC, only sitting atop your head. The company envisions this becoming the gold standard for at-home board meetings or for factory floors.

Motorola has not issued a firm release date for the unit yet, but the company has announced the price point. One of these puppies will set you back between $4,000 and $5,000 depending on specifications chosen by the user. Yowza? Yowza.