Motorola Patents Gaze Tracking Arm Bands



Google seems to be one of the companies that is at the forefront of the wearable technology movement, and it’s child companies are no exception to that. Recently we introduced you to the new pay per gaze advertising system that could potentially change the way that digital advertising works. Well a new patent was just recently filed by Motorola , which Google owns, and the patent describes a new gaze tracking system that is based instead on a wristband.

The system could be used in conjunction with a tablet or smartphone and could potentially be able to track whether your tablet is in landscape or portrait mode. The information displayed on the tablet based on where the wearer is looking. The system could even activate different parts of the screen based on where you’re looking.

The Motorola wristband could even change background images based on your mood and health. The patent describes that the system will be able to detect the wearers mood, but does not specify exactly how it’s going to do this.

Motorola is one of the many companies that are experimenting with remote control wearable technology, though this new patent describes a system that is new and different. The armband might eventually take the form of a gesture detecting armband, with features such as gaze tracking also built in to the system.

Since being bought by Google, Motorola has really gotten their game together, and is set to get back to the top of the line in mobile technology. Products such as their new Moto X smartphone confirm this, and we should see much more from Motorola in the near future.