Motorola Files Patent for Gaze-Tracking Watch-like Device


Once in a while we like to keep you abreast of patent filing information. In short, a big company files for a patent when it thinks it has an interesting idea and it wants to make sure that nobody else copies it before they are able to bring it to market. Sometimes companies file patents even when they don’t intend to bring the product to market, just so nobody else can. It’s a very cutthroat business and I am surprised the patent offices of the United States isn’t filled with ninjas. In any event, here is an extremely interesting patent Motorola just requested.

Motorola, who you may remember from owning the beeper and cell phone market in the 1990s, have been busy little bees. The patent they are filing involves a gaze-tracking device that is worn on the wrist. If you are thinking newfangled smartwatch, you wouldn’t be too far off. However, the very vaguely worded patent filing does not explicitly refer to it as a watch so for now we are going with “device.” We’d be very surprised if this thing didn’t end up being able to tell time however.

For now, we don’t have too much to go on besides that. However, if you want to train your eagle eye on the patent filing itself, feel free to do so here. If you find anything else of import let us know and you’ll get a free black diamond(just kidding about the diamond. You will get a firm electronic handshake instead.)