Motorola Announces an Android-Based Smartwatch


Every company on planet Earth have been busy preparing their own smartwatches. It’s almost as if the floodgates opened the day after Pebble raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter. The revolution hath begun, every company said. Pretty soon Samsung, Sony and more companies had announced their own. One of the only surprising holdouts, however, was Motorola. They’ve been around forever! When would they announce their own smartwatch, the children wondered. Well, dear children, wonder no longer. They have officially jumped in the smartwatch game with both feet. Wait, in case you didn’t understand, that means they are busy making their own smartwatch and they’ve announced it. Sometimes these analogies get confusing.

Motorola recently unveiled the Moto 360, the world’s best smartwatch made by a company called Motorola(wait.) All joking aside, this seems like a pretty nifty piece of technology. It’s gesture-based, Android-powered and, as you can see, pretty nifty looking. The company spent a lot of time to create a smartwatch that felt and looked as classy as an actual old-school timepiece. There will be none of those plastic shenanigans on Motorola’s watch(get it?) The Moto 360 also features Google Now integration, which means you can talk to it like a crazy person and it will do your bidding. Yay!

No price has been released but the company has said the Moto 360 will launch sometime this summer. They also said that America, oh say can you see, will be the first country to get their hands on one. Finally, we can be first at something again!