MOTA Smart Ring Keeps You From Checking Your Phone During Dinner


If a future time traveler were to travel back in time to our age, it would be easy for he or she to tell what time period they were in. All they would have to do would go to any restaurant and gauge how much attention people were paying to one another. Yeah. Having a super computer in our pocket at all times has sure been helpful. It has also been somewhat annoying. Nobody talks anymore as they nosh. Eating is social network time. If wearable technology can do one thing, it can end this scourge of social faux pas. After all, you don’t have to reach in your pocket if the same information beams somewhere on your immediate person.

That’s where the MOTA smart ring comes in. You see, this is a ring like any other, on the surface. The innards of said ring are filled to the brim with tech, however, allowing you to know what is going down on your beloved smartphone without actually annoying everyone around you. The best part? It does all of this via minute vibrations so nobody will even know. They’ll think you are actually paying attention for once! Muhaha.

It doesn’t just vibrate, of course. Any text from an email or text message is scrolled right across the ring, angled in such a way to be visible primarily to the wearer. There will be no eavesdropping on MOBA’s watch unless, that is, one day there is a MOBA watch (very possible.) Hit up the company’s Indiegogo page and donate a few shekels so you can help this ring advance to store shelves. Social decorum thanks you.