MostRad Minimalist Wallet Also Features RFID Protection


We all have to carry our money and various important, and unimportant, cards in something right? So we may as well use a wallet. This wallet, however, shouldn’t take up a lot of room in our pockets. After all, nowadays we need extra room for our phone and other assorted gadgets. In addition, said super-thin wallet should also protect us from unwanted identity theft. Nothing ruins a perfectly nice day outside like realizing your identity has been stolen by a group of nefarious hackers! So, could a wallet manage to satisfy all of these needs at once? Here is one that is most certainly gonna give it the old college try.

Introducing the ridiculously named MostRad Minimalist Wallet. The first thing you’d notice about this wallet is the weight, in that it barely weighs anything. All told, it clocks in at a very minuscule 1.2 oz. That’s barely the weight of, uh, something that is really light! Also, it does indeed block RFID technology which is becoming something of a cause célèbre for the paranoid set. Still, it’s understandable. Getting your identity stolen is a major drag. They also come in a variety of styles so if you are, how can we put this, aesthetically choosy, you’ll still be covered.

The designer of said wallet took to Kickstarter to raise funds, where it promptly smashed through all goals. All told, they’ve raised over 400 percent of the initial asking price with no end in sight. You can pre-order your very own MostRad wallet for just $30. Hey, that’s a pretty good deal!