Monbaby Sleep Monitor is Like a Wearable and Trustworthy Babysitter


I once heard a rumor, and don’t quote me on this, that children are our future. I also heard something about teaching them well but also occasionally letting them lead the way. In any event, if these ragamuffins are indeed our future, we had better take care of them and keep an eye on them. That means keeping them safe and making sure they sleep soundly throughout the night without any dangerous hitches. To that end, there are all kinds of sleep monitors available for our children. However, here is one that is actually wearable which means it delivers more relevant information than ever before.

The device is appropriately called Monbaby. Get it? It’s, well, a monitor baby? Maybe it’s reversed, but in any event, that’s the name. You affix this bad boy to your beloved good boy(or girl) and let it do the rest. It beams relevant information right to your smartphone in real time, clueing you in on what’s going on in that one room in your house with all of the Toy Story blankets. It attaches to onesies, shirts or just about anything else a kid can wear. You get into on how well your kid is breathing, their sleep state and more. Yay, safety!

The Monbaby isn’t out yet. They’ve taken to Kickstarter to help secure final funding and, hey, if you don’t kick in a few bucks it’s like you are saying you hate children! In any event, it’ll cost you around $80 to preorder your own Monbaby(as of this writing.)