Moff is a Wristband That Turns Everything Into a Toy


Everyone loves toys, unless you are some kind of Scrooge or something. However, there are only so many toys in this world and they all tend to take up valuable living room and bedroom space. If only there was some kind of high tech way to up the amount of toys in our life but eliminate the kind of clutter that typifies the modern high tech lifestyle with all of their gadgets and gizmos. Luckily, here is a high tech toy that turns anything else in your home into, you’ll never guess, another toy. It’s a technology miracle!

It’s called Moff and it uses the power of augmented reality to turn any hand gesture you perform into a toy or fun-filled activity, complete with sound effects and many other bells and whistles. You wanna play a fake guitar? How about engage in a fake sword fight? You can do that. You can also fake golf and, well, do a fake version of just about anything else. The secret here is a series of apps called ‘plays’ that add new activities to the device at a rapid clip. This could be something great for kids and, well, adults who live most of their lives to play video games. Guilty as charged.

The Moff isn’t out yet but its creators are almost ready to go. They have put the armband up on Kickstarter to complete finishing and manufacturing funds. You can get in on the real ground floor of a bunch of fake toys by plunking down $50 or so. Check out the video below.