Moff Armband Turns the Whole World Into Your Playground


Planet Earth can be pretty cool sometimes, usually when you are about to sit down to eat an entire pizza by yourself on a Saturday night(wait.) However, it can also be a deathly boring place. That’s the major conundrum of modern life, right? Wearable technology has been working overtime to solve this dilemma and some gadgets could be getting close. Devices like Google Glass and Oculus Rift are well on their way to bringing the Holodeck to the masses. Here is another cool little gadget that does an understated version of what its big brothers handle.

Here is the Moff armband. Essentially a toy for kids, this tech-heavy armband works in tandem with your iOS device to, well, do pretty much anything. The armband works as an extension of your arm, and it can virtually put anything in your hand, from a guitar to a sword and back again. So, to a kid, this turns the entire world into a playground, although kids don’t really need too much help on that front already. It works mostly using gesture recognition, a sort of hyper advanced version of the original Wii controller. To further liken it to Nintendo’s massively successfully console, the armband can play versions of tennis and golf. That’s not nearly all it can do, however.

The Moff isn’t out yet but its creators have gone to Kickstarter to achieve final funding. People are stoked on the idea as it reached said funding in around two days. You can head on over there and preorder your own by pledging $49. Hey, that’s pretty cheap!