Modify Watches Let You Put Any Design You Want in the Face


Sometimes we want our watches to attend an Ivy League college, hobnob with the bigwigs and eventually move on to some science research institute somewhere in Greenland. In other words, we want smartwatches. Other times, however, we just want our timepieces to do one thing and do it well. It also doesn’t hurt if they look good doing it. However, the aesthetic selections available in the world of watches aren’t exactly far and wide. They all pretty much look the same or at least similar. A company is trying to change that by letting you be the watch designer for once in your life. Let’s hear it for customizability!

Modify Watches have just announced their Mod-To-Order program, which allows you to design your very own watchface just in case you ever wanted to stare at a slice of pizza every time you needed the time told. Here’s how it works. You simply send them an appropriate image and let the wizards in their watch factory do the rest. Pretty soon you’ll be gazing longingly at a shirtless pic of David Hasselhoff whenever a stranger asks for the time. The bands also come in a variety of colors which can suit whatever you image you end up going with(do the pizza, not the Hoff.)

The bad news? These aren’t exactly out yet. The company has set up a Kickstarter to make sure the people will one day, eventually get what they want. You can pre-order your very own custom watch design by kicking in around $49 and pre-order an already designed watch for half of that.