MOCAheart is a Tiny Device With a Huge Amount of Vitals Trackers


We all want to remain healthy but, to be honest, most of us don’t know exactly how to do that. Sure, there are some vague ideas about ‘not eating bacon’ and ‘refraining from sitting on the couch all day’ floating around our heads but is that enough? The air of mystery surrounding our health has given birth to an entire genre of wearable technology, that seek to measure our various vitals and tell us if we are long for this Earth or not. Here is another entrant into that genre, a tiny little device with a heart of gold.

The MOCAheart is a precious lil’ handheld sensor that you simply press your fingers against in order to call up a host of pertinent information regarding your status as a living being on this planet. It can embed itself on the underside of your smartphone or simply on your key-chain. The name implies its a heart rate monitor, and it does do that, but it also keeps an eye on a lot more. Blood oxygen rate is one thing it’ll get back to you on, and it also keeps track of something called ‘blood velocity’ which can tell you if you have high blood pressure or not. All of this information is, of course, relayed to your smartphone where you can peruse at your leisure. You can also keep an eye the stats of a loved one, if you are so inclined.

The MOCAheart is a pretty future forward product, thus it is not currently hanging out on store shelves. You’ll have to trot on over to their Kickstarter page in order to ensure you are the first kid on your block to know if their sedentary lifestyle has finally caught up to them. You can preorder your own for around $120, which is $50 off of the suggested retail price.