Mobis RoKy² wireless fabric keyboard


Mobile accessories maker Mobis is introducing the RoKy² Bluetooth-enabled fabric keyboard in Asia.


Powered by two AAA-sized batteries, the RoKy² is water repellent and comes with a stand for mobile phones and PDAs. The power of this two batteries should last for 10 hours continuing typing. That’s quite reasonable usage time considering that typing on such small devices will be usually done only in urgent or emergency situations.

And for such urgent situations, this keyboard gives a great helping hand. Stylus and graffiti input might be good for short notes but writing an email of considerable length / content might be too much for graffiti.

The RoKy² is compatible with most of the current handheld operating systems such as Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

We have posted here some time ago about a Fabric Keyboard from Eleksen and the RoKy² looks like as it is the same Eleksen offered to third parties. Mobis seems now is the first distributor to pick it up and bring it (finally) to us, the consumer.

According to CNET Asia, the RoKy² should retail for US$ 124.99 a price that might be a bit ‘over the top’ considering the cost of the devices of some of the handhelds which are on the same or even lower level.

Let’s hope on actual product launch, a more sensible price tag will show up on this good and very helpful add-on for everyone looking for the ultimate mobility.