Mobile Warming Gear unveils heated and waterproof golf jacket, won’t help your short game


mobile warming gear golf jacket 1
Golf is one of man’s most picturesque, and expensive, sports. Slowly walking, or carting, around the open air. Taking in the scenery as you repeatedly try to sink a very small ball into a faraway hole. It’s great! The only thing not so great about it? Doing it when the weather starts to chill. A typical round of golf takes in excess of three or four hours. Freezing your booty off for four hours is nobody’s idea of fun. So, thankfully, there is a burgeoning heated clothing scene to fix everything else. Why not golf?

A company by the name of Mobile Warming Gear is on it. As their name suggests, they specialize in developing heated clothing designed for, well, moving around in. Their new line of golf jackets are both heated and waterproof. That’s a win/win if you feel the need to wade into the lake on the fifteenth hole in order to retrieve your ball. The jackets are made of a lightweight, breathable, waterproof fabric and feature a rechargeable 7.4-volt lithium battery that is about the size of a cellphone. The battery pack can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 130 degrees. At the lower setting, the battery will last 10 hours before it requires re-charging. Not bad.

They are already available and come in both men’s and woman’s styles. The full jacket will set you back $200 while a vest will just cost you $160. They both feature the same heating technology and waterproof fabric.