Mobile Music Touch glove helps capture your inner Beethoven


mobile music touch glove 1
The joys of music are splendorous indeed. It can help you relax at night, work during the day and set the right mood for, um, getting to know a prospective life partner. Since cavemen started beating on rocks music has been a large and significant part of the human experience. Heck, there has been lots of evidence in the past several decades that it can have a positive effect on mood, alleviating depression and anxiety in many patients. Now there is a new gadget that could just help you get over debilitating spinal injury, with music.

The Mobile Music Touch glove is outfitted with a small box on the back that provides vibrations to each finger. Said box is wirelessly connected to a mobile app loaded with piano music. This works in conjunction with a special keyboard. If you wear the glove while practicing the piano, it’ll send a vibration to each finger when it should be used to hit a note. This, quite obviously, helps with muscle memory and helps you get over the kind of digit slump that comes with spinal injury or something like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The glove was designed and tested by researchers at Georgia State University. The results of their studies? It gives some relief, all the while teaching users to play the piano. Two birds, meet one stone. GSU is still continuing the research but hopes to have this device in hospitals and physical treatment centers soon. Soon after that maybe you’ll be able to buy it. It’s good to learn the piano even if you aren’t suffering from spinal injuries. Behold the glove in action below.