Mobile Device Eyewear from Microvision


Mobile Device Eyewear from Microvision

Mobile devices and wireless networks have evolved to offer consumers visually rich content, multimedia applications, and responsive high speed data networks. However, the value consumers receive from their mobile devices is still limited by the tiny viewing experience provided by their LCD screens. Microvision and its business partners are working to change this by collaborating on the initial development of mobile device eyewear that extends the viewing experience beyond the tiny screen to fashionable see-through, full color eyewear.

Mobile Device Eyewear Overview

Mobile device eyewear, currently in the initial development phase, would combine Microvision’s ultraminiature PicoP display engine with special optics that are embedded into fashionable or protective eyeglasses. The information being displayed in the eyewear optics would originate in the mobile device and arrive at the eyeglasses through a wired or wireless connection. The mobile device eyewear viewing experience could be completely see through, providing the wearer with a visual information overlay, while not losing awareness of their surroundings. Or, the viewing experience could be occluded, offering the wearer an immersive, visual experience where the wearer purposefully escapes their immediate surroundings.

Imagine these new viewing experiences

  • Giving a speech while information is streamed to your eyeglasses in real time
  • Presenting to a crowd with your notes secretly stowed away in your eye glasses
  • Extending your everyday computing environment to include your eyewear display
  • Walking down the street, seeing your favorite friends show up “on screen” 2 blocks and 1 cafe away
  • Receiving turn by turn directions as you walk toward your destination
  • Reviewing messages while on the go
  • Creating your personal big screen experience from mobile TV and video (occluded or escape mode)
  • Seeing building schematics and locations of others (especially useful for security or firefighters)
  • Viewing virtual recipes while cooking without losing your rhythm