Mixed Feelings on Wearable Tech from Internet Bigwigs


Robots Talking
Wearable tech may be the buzz for people who are cool and in to tech, but it looks like some of tech’s biggest leaders may not be as enthusiastic about the future of wearable tech, at least not in the immediate future. A few different leaders sounded out about how they think wearable technology will go at a technology conference. At the conference in question, D11: All Things Digital, several leaders, including one from companies such as Apple and Walt Disney, sounded off about their thoughts on wearable tech.

The reviews about the future were, for the time being, mixed. Some leader thought it would be a third age for the Internet, while others saw it as an interesting side note that has not exactly come to fruition yet. For the time being we will have to wait and see which technology big wigs are right and which ones are off the mark.

Source: WSJ

Image: Morgue File