Misfits Wearables Adds Android Functionality to All Devices


It’s a sad state of affairs when Android-enabled devices get all of the sloppy seconds in regard to when wearable technology functionality. Of course, this sad state of affairs has always been how things have been going ever since Steve Jobs unleashed a little device on the world called the iPhone. You may have heard of it. Well, everything usually starts working with Android devices eventually. Better late than never I suppose. In any event, here is another one that falls into that exact category.

Misfits Wearables, who have been all over the wearable technology scene for a while now, have announced they have finally allowed for Android functionality across their entire line of releases(This mostly pertains to their Shine device.) Finally, more than half of the world’s smartphone owners can experience everything this company is about. This update pertains to all of their Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices, meaning you’ll be able to track your vitals with the best of them. Never again will your Android device have to be left at home while you go out for a run. Now it can be exposed to those same dangerous elements as its Apple-created cousin. Yay for equality, or something.

This clutters up an already cluttered up field of vitality trackers. This holiday season is going to be interesting folks. Which one are you planning on getting?