Misfit Wearables presents the Shine, an elegant fitness tracker


Fitness monitors, and other wearable devices that monitor your vital signs, are a fantastic innovation. Now we can always have a gadget on us that keeps track of how much, or how little, we do. Not to mention keeping track of other health-related odds and ends. The only downside to this amazing tech? They don’t look too good. For the most part, these devices look sort of like poorly designed iPods. But it’s almost 2013! Something has to give. Luckily, it is giving as we speak.

A company called Misfit Wearables is prepping their Shine fitness tracker. This doodad does everything devices like Nike Fuelband do but with an added bonus, it clips to your shirt and looks really cool while doing it. It’s beautifully rounded and no thicker than a couple of quarters. In short, this will not weigh you down as you shed unwanted pounds that are weighing you down. You can also wear it like a watch, clip it your jeans or even hide it underneath your clothes. The latter is perfect for those wayward souls who are, for some reason, embarrassed about being healthy.

The Shine tracks steps taken, distance traveled in a bicycle and even how far you have swam. As such, it is waterproof. It syncs data to your iPhone without the aid of Bluetooth. You just place it on top of your phone and your two favorite gadgets will do the rest. The Shine is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. Be one of the first on your block to have one for just $50. Not bad for all of that health.