Misfit Flash Now Lets You Control Your Other Gadgets


Misfit Wearables, a relative newcomer to the wearable technology stage, has long promised to drop the hammer regarding some revolutionary aspects of their devices. One of the company’s main concerns has been the potential to turn a garden variety wearable into a smart-controller for the rest of one’s gadgets. Well, it looks like they are finally starting to turn that dream into a reality. The company has just announced that their Flash line of fitness tracker/activity monitor/smartwatch thingamajigs will not be able to control a whole host of other devices and applications.

The Flash activity tracker, which is a fine device on its own, is prepping for one heck of an upgrade, which includes this remote control functionality. You’ll soon be able to use the unit’s ‘smart button’ to control a range of devices, including other Misfit-branded gadgets like their light bulb, the Bolt. That’s right. They are trying to go smart home on this sucker. You’ll also be able to use it to control Spotify and the all-in-one home appliance controller, Nest. Those are two big gets, if you ask me.

Flash will also work with over 100 features of IFTTT, Logitech Harmony’s smart home tech. Wearing a simple armband and controlling just about every aspect of the house? Uh, sign me up. Now I’ll never have to leave this blasted couch!

Some of these functions won’t arrive until March or even later but, hey, the Flash is just $50, which is a great deal even if it was just an activity tracker. It will soon be a whole lot more, however. Grab one while the price is still low. Here is a video overview.