Mirama Prototype Headset Recognizes All of the Gestures


“The real world is so boring let’s just skateboard around and eat pizza!” said some teen in the 1980s. Little did this rambunctious ragamuffin know that in a few scant decades you’d be able to make the real world a little less boring by using fantastical devices that rest upon your eyes, letting you see all manner of curiosity. First there was Google and their Glass. Next their was the Zuckerberg-approved Oculus Rift. Finally, there were tons of things just like the last two things. In any event, VR and all its related ephemera is blowing up in a big way. On that note, we have another cool eyewear device to thankfully make the world a little more artificial.

It’s called the Mirama and, well, it’s pretty cool. This headset device is seeking to replace your smartphone and put it square on your eyeballs. It uses advanced gesture-recognition technology to allow you to do all of the things you currently do on your phone. Wanna text? There’s a gesture for that. Wanna take a picture? There’s a gesture for that. Wanna stalk your ex-girlfriend digitally in a really creepy way? There will probably be a gesture for that. When you are wearing Mirama you essentially see an overlay of your hands on top of whatever graphical information you need at any specific time. This makes it easy to know what gestures you are performing, since your head is sheathed in a bizarre looking contraption.

Mirama is just a working prototype for now. The company is more interested in selling their idea and software rather than the device itself. This leaves the prospect of a consumer-grade model up in the air, for now. Sigh.