Mira is a Wearable Fitness Coach For the Ladies


The problem with most wearable technology? They don’t make clear designations as to which sex they are intended to be worn by. Anyone can wear Google Glass. Ditto for Oculus Rift and just about every smartwatch and fitness monitor out there on store shelves. How are we to know which ones our chromosomal compliment urges us to buy?! This is a confusing time to be alive, for sure. Luckily, one company is out there fighting the good fight by making a fitness monitoring armband designed exclusively for the ladies (cue disco music.)

The Mira, which is just a gosh darned purdy name, is a snazzy looking armband that acts as a fitness coach, smartwatch and shopping advisor (just kidding about that last one.) It does what you’ve come to expect from fitness trainers, in that it keeps an eye on what you are getting up to out there in the world to keep your body fit and trim. However, just in case you forget or feel like vegging out on the couch while eating pizza slices, the bands offer a technology known as boosts. In essence, these boosts just constantly remind you to get off of your lazy butt, but in the most feminine way possible.

The Mira isn’t out yet and you’ll never guess where the creators decided to raise money to get the device finished? If you guessed Kickstarter, you get a gender-appropriate prize. You can preorder your very own Mira fitness band right now for around $149.