Mio Alpha is a smarter, lighter heart rate monitor


One could say the birth of consumer-grade wearable technology started with vitality sensors and heart rate monitors. Athletes are often early adopters with this thing kind of thing, after all. Training and competing can be tough and anything to give you a leg up on the competition is a good thing indeed. Now, those athletes may be ready to give up their Nike+ devices in favor of a new, lighter heart rate monitor. Introducing the next evolution of vitality sensor.

This silicon-banded Mio Alpha is a watch/heart rate monitor that is simply lighter than the competition. It’s not like its closest competitors weigh you down like a brick, but still, any shed poundage is good shed poundage. Better yet? This unit does away with those pesky chest straps, which usually come with heart rate monitors. The watch directs you to proper placement along your wrist and before long your heart will be monitored with the best of ’em. It works using LED technology to measure your heart rate. It also features only two buttons, one for time and one for heart rate. Simple is good. Pretty nifty.

The Mio Alpha is available now at the fairly reasonable price of $199. All of your athletes out there should give this unit a gander to see if it meets your training needs. All of you couch potatoes out there should give it a gander just in case you want to measure your heart rate during particularly pulse pounding scenes of Game of Thrones.