Who Are Ministry of Supply and What do They DO?

Ministry of Supply

Anyone who is looking into practical wearable tech is almost sure to have heard of Ministry of Supply, but surprisingly few people actually know what they make.  The design company is the creator of multiple high tech solutions for men including the Apollo shirt and more recently, ATLAS socks. Both options are designed not as a concept, but instead as a practical extension of our daily lives, which is something that most of us could use a little more of.

 Ministry of Supply

Who Are Ministry of Supply

The Ministry of Supply was founded at MIT in 2010. The company’s inspiration, Charles Fraser-Smith, a quartermaster for the British Special Ops ‘Ministry of Supply’ that was shut down after World War II. The company aimed to be like its inspiration, designing high tech clothing to create futuristic designs. The difference, instead of making gear for soldiers, this Ministry of Supply works to create men’s business clothing which, as some say, is for the same purpose.  Today they have created a line of truly remarkable clothing including socks, shirts, and more all designed in a complex process that starts out with mapping and thermo-mapping the body.

Ministry of Supply Creations

Ministry of Supply has a range of styles and designs including pants, dress shirts, socks, and some t-shirts that while not as advanced, are still very nice to have and wear. Prices are reasonable and actually less than many designers so most buyers shouldn’t have too much trouble fitting their clothing into their budget.

Ministry of Supply Apollo –A dress shirt that keeps you cool, the Apollo shirt is quite possibly one of the most practical bits of menswear to come out of a lab in recent years. The design works to keep the wearer as comfortable as possible using a variety of technology starting with Nasa’s heat regulation technology. The shirt also wicks moisture in order to keep the wearer and the shirt dry in warm temperatures, and features a thermolamination for heat control. The shirt retails for $98 and come in slim fit and regular, as well as a variety of colors and styles.

Ministry of Supply Atlas – Ministry of Supply’s newest design, ATLAS socks are designed to keep the wearer as comfortable as possible. These men’s socks ship for $20 for 2 pairs and feature supportive arches, padding on the soles, moisture wicking, and anti-odor. While not as high tech as it comes, these socks show a blend of technology and wouldn’t be possible without high end computation and control of fibers.

Ministry of Supply Aero Slacks – Retailing for $138, the Aero slacks are the least impressive of the technology on this list. The slacks feature four way stretch fabric, microfiber design, heat control, and moisture wicking. Pockets are designed to be as comfortable as possible with mesh lining that allows for breathability.

The Ministry of Supply also has multiple other clothing designs but while designed well, few of them are ‘high tech’. However, the lab has shown a great deal of creativity and resourcefulness and these products are almost certainly not their last. The lab is definitely one to keep an eye on for future technological advances in practical men’s clothing.