Ministry of Supply Apollo dress shirt uses NASA tech to keep you cool


Here is the deal. It’s summer and the economy is bad. We need better jobs. Heck, we just need any jobs. But to get a job you have to make a splash at the dreaded job interview. To do this you have to muster up the charm of a used car salesman and the look of a young, fresh-faced Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, it’s summer and you are likely to sweat through your shirt before you even get to the interview. That’s more Brad Garrett than Brad Pitt. Sorry, Brad Garrett. You are alright.

So what are we to do? Big pit stains don’t lock down the big paychecks. Leave it to a group of MIT graduates to tackle this problem with grace and aplomb. They have been hard at work developing their line of Ministry of Supply Apollo dress shirts. These shirts help keep you cool even in the dead of summer. They use technology developed by the space program to regulate your body temperature. Cool right? These shirts use a magical tech called phase change fabric, which flicks away sweat and absorbs heat when you’re out in the noonday sun, then releases the heat again once you’re back indoors and sitting in a chilly office. The temperature change amounts to only a few degrees but, believe me, those few degrees make a huge difference.

Of course, something this cool(get it?) isn’t quite ready for mass consumption. The designers have taken to Kickstarter to raise some funds to finish the project out. Good news, though. They absolutely blew through their goal and it will be funded in a week. Get on their page and donate so you can reserve a shirt and be the first businessman on your block who doesn’t sweat like a stuck pig.