Mimo Onesie Lets Parents Know if Their Baby is Sleeping Soundly


Let’s man up and face facts. Our time is done. We had our chance. Sure, we created some cool stuff as a generation. The Cronut comes to mind. However, as the old song goes “I believe that children are our future.” True words were never spoken. The next generation, which is currently breast feeding and generally making a nuisance out of themselves, are hot on our heels. There is nothing we can do to stop it so we may as well do our best to protect the little critters in the hopes they’ll do the same when we are rotting away in a nursing home. To that end, here is a piece of wearable tech to let us do just that.

Introducing Mimo, a onesie that keeps babies safe. How in tarnations does it do that? Well this particular onesie may not be emblazoned with a silly pun like “goo goo ga ga pizza ca ca” but it does come equipped with a useful spot of wearable technology. The onesie connects via WiFi to let parents know, wherever they may be, that their baby is sleeping soundly. It tracks the baby’s vitals, uploads them to the cloud and then sends that info to connected smartphones. You’ll never be wondering if Hank Jr is catching his winks again. You’ll know with absolute certainty. Also, it’s strange you named your kid Hank Jr when neither of you are named Hank.

Mimo is not available yet but it’s coming soon. According to their website, the product will start showing up on store shelves in January of 2014. Hey, that’s just a few months away!