Microsoft’s research arm lets your arm do the research with shoulder-mounted multitouch display


Microsoft, best known for making a lot of people a lot of money and reinventing how we use our personal computers, is at it again. In recent years the company has successfully tackled gaming and a variety of software.  They’ve had less, albeit some, success in the mobile phone and tablet arenas. Still, the company is not one to rest on their laurels. Bill Gates may be off fixing the world, but Microsoft carries on. Now they are trying to reinvent how we access our smartphones.

Microsoft’s Research arm, located at their Redmond headquarters, has just shown off a rather cool future-gizmo. The Wearable Multitouch Projector turns any surface into a gesture-sensitive display, which can then be used to access anything your smartphone can access. Cool right? It works using similar technology to the Kinect, albeit with the addition of a shoulder-mounted camera and computer. Once it’s installed, and we admit it looks cumbersome, the user can pinch, pull, push and do just about anything they would do with a phone,tablet or computer. Finally, we are living in a dystopian Minority Report world! Cool!

Don’t worry about the size and bulkiness, though. The researchers who built it think that the tech can be miniaturized to a more user-friendly size in the future. They are working on that as we speak. As far as when this technology will be released for the masses to consume with reckless abandon, Microsoft has offered no information. We can file this one in the “sometime in the near or far future” category. In the meantime, check out a video of the tech in action and some more pictures. It’ll have to do for now.