Microsoft Prepping Smartbra That Knows When You Overeat


The wild and wooly underwear is filled with all manner of curiosity. Did you know they make underwear that is intended to be worn by two people at once? It’s a weird sex thing. In any event, they make all kinds of bras(for the ladiesssss.) Still, there hasn’t been much movement on the tech-heavy bra front. There have been some rumblings of companies toying with the idea of packing some microchips in bras but, until now, they haven’t been made by any reputable members of the industry. Well, hold on to your old copy of Windows 95 with that one Weezer video, Microsoft is making a smartbra.

Bill Gates, who barring some fetish has never worn a bra, and his company Microsoft have recently announced their smartbra idea. This bra quite literally knows when you are overeating and will tell you politely not to do it. Sound sexist? Well, yeah I guess it is. However, as a guy I wouldn’t mind a pair of underwear that did the same thing when I was about to hit that fourth slice. It works by keeping a tight eye on your heart rate, as the rate rises when you are munching down on stuff. As far as my wish coming true, Microsoft says the crotch area is too far from the heart to be of use to men. Foiled again!

When will this start showing up at Victoria’s Secret? Not for a while. There are a whole bunch of kinks yet to work out, as the company has noted a 75 percent success rate so far. They’d need to get that up to 95 or something to be a viable product.