Microsoft Prepares to Enter the VR Eyewear Game


Ever since Google dropped their indubitable Glass eyewear devices on an unsuspecting public, there has been something of a mad dash by the other tech giants to get similar products to market. After all, there is still a chance any one of these companies could become “the” VR eyewear maker considering that Glass has yet to be released in the consumer sphere. We’ve written about a lot of these attempts in the past but now, according to a recent report issued by the Wall Street Journal, the house that Bill Gates built is also getting in on the act. That’s right. Microsoft is prepping their own Glass-like device. This could get interesting folks.

These aren’t the first rumbles we’ve heard about Microsoft getting involved in the digital glasses game. The company has been making obvious inroads into that sector of the industry since they officially announced their AR Glasses last June, which were codenamed Project Fortaleza. The report even indicates that the company has already outsourced various component manufacture to Asian conglomerates, which proves this isn’t just a flash in the pan for them. Ladies and gentleman, eye-connected computers are most certainly going to be the future of the human race. The only question now is which company will lead the charge.

Of course, as with all reports based on unverified sources, one should take all of this with a semi-grain of salt. The question isn’t if they’ll release this kind of tech, however. The question is more when and if this foray is “the one.” We’ll let you know more when we know more, of course. In the meantime check out this video of a cat wearing Google Glass.