Microsoft Inching Ever Closer to Releasing Their Smartwatch



The house that Windows built, AKA Microsoft, has never been shy about stepping into hotly contested arenas. They waded right into gaming with the Xbox, after all. Then they went after phones and other odds and ends. Now, it’s time for the company formerly owned by Bill Gates to step into the soon-to-be crowded smartwatch ring. That’s right, reports are swirling in that indicate Microsoft is getting closer than ever before to finishing and releasing their long rumored smartwatch.

We’ve reported on this eventuality before. I mean. It was only a matter of time right? Still it’s nice to know the wheels are in motion. Reports indicate that Microsoft has handed the smartwatch to the Surface team for final testing. We don’t know too much about the tech that resides inside of this oft-rumored beast but we can speculate on several things. First of all, it will come in an array of band-colors, including blue, red, yellow and black. The watches are coated in Oxynitride Aluminum, which is three times harder than glass. Not three times harder than Google Glass, just regular glass. Like a table.

It’s also rumored to have 6GB of internal storage and plenty more available in the cloud. We have no idea when this watch will actually be available but if we had to guess, and we do that a lot, we’d have to say sometime next year. It definitely won’t make it out for this holiday. Don’t quote us on that though. Actually. Do it. Go ahead. Quote us on that.