Microsoft Gets A Wearable Tech Patent



When it comes to technology there are a lot of ways to tell what is coming next. Knowing what is new and coming up in the world of tech is, in a some ways, a game of know what companies will make before they make it. One way to do that is to take a sneak peak into their collective brains by looking at what ideas and processes they are patenting.

This week we had a chance to take a peek at how Microsoft may make its way into wearable tech. The US Patent and Trademark Office saw fit to give then a patent for a piece of wearable tech. The device will be able to use the finger (or the arm as a channel to “transfer data through direct physical contact with another device like a computer, smartphone, or even a game console and controller,” according to the application.

There is no word at this time how the tech may be used, but who knows. An update of the power glove from the 80’s may be in order!
Source: Boing Boing

Image: Morgue File