Microsoft Files Patent for Augmented Reality Glasses to be Used With Xbox One


Do you hear that sound? That’s the stampede of next generation gaming consoles, demanding entrance to our living rooms. It’s true. This holiday season will see the release of both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One(which is actually the third Xbox.) These consoles promise to deliver the highest quality console gaming money can buy. In the Xbox department, Microsoft is betting big on their virtual reality Kinect setup, packing each and every unit with an updated model. It may get even cooler than that, however. Word on the patent street says Microsoft just filed for something pretty interesting.

According to a recently unearthed patent, the big M filed a patent for augmented reality glasses, which would work in tandem with Kinect and the Xbox One. If you’ve read any of our coverage of the Oculus Rift, we imagine it would work something like that. This is obviously good news for gamers as, generally speaking, the more immersion one has leads to more fun. The patent also indicates it would be voice operated, allowing players to initiate multiplayer matches simply by talking. Being as how the Kinect is already voice operated, we aren’t sure how this tech would differ in that regard. Maybe using the eyewear you can speak softer?

As far as when you can see this tech in action, no official announcements have been made and Microsoft is currently dealing with getting the thing out to consumers. Once the Xbox One has some market saturation I’m sure we’ll hear more about this potentially nifty device. If you want to read the patent, click here.