Microsoft Creates Mood Earbud Technology



A lot of us will remember those classic mood rings which changed color depending on what mood the wearer was supposed to be in. Apart from mood rings there were mood bracelets as well, and now there’s even a mood app. Well recently a device has been added to the long list of mood devices, and it’s been developed by none other than the great tech company Microsoft!

The earbuds don’t just read your mood though. After reading your mood, they actually play music depending on that mood. Now, many of us will be familiar with the fact that these devices don’t actually read your mood, they actually take your blood temperature, which changes depending on your mood. They will also use heartbeat and other things to determine the overall mood of the wearer.

The research behind this device is actually backed scientifically by the Virginia Center for Wireless Health, which is also using the Microsoft Septimu earbuds with an app that they call Musical Heart, which provides the playlist side of things, allowing people to set playlists to different particular moods. That way users can set calming music for when they’re angry and motivational music for when they’re sad. The app can even put on driving music for when you’re behind the wheel.

Unfortunately both the Microsoft Septimu earbuds and the Musical Heart app are still just projects and aren’t yet available for the general consumer. However, these devices aren’t the only things that are taking advantage of the technology. In fact, Nissans new Nismo smartwatch reads the wearers skin temperature.

The idea behind the technology is a great one, and we can expect to see more devices using this technology in the near future. It’s not unheard of for wearables to read the wearers skin temperature, especially considering the fact that many fitness devices already do it.  Microsoft using this kind of technology might even mean a boost in Microsofts Windows Phones, which could definitely use a boost in sales.

We still have no idea what the next step is for the Septimu technology, but the idea for it is certainly out there and we could see other companies take advantage of this in the near future.

Could this be the next big thing in wearable technology? Comment below on your opinion!