Mico Brain Scanning Headphones


Ever been listening to music and had a song come on that you’re just not in the mood for? Of course you have! We all have! These new headphones by Neurowear eliminate this problem by being able to scan your brain in order to play exactly what you’re in the mood for.

The headphones look like a typical set of over-ear headphones, apart from their fairly bulky build, and the fact that there is an arm-like thing protruding from them. This arm is an electroencephalograph or EEG sensor which can scan the wearers brain waves and determine their mood. This kind of scanner was worked on in a previous project by Neurowear called Zen Tunes, and these headphones are probably an offshoot of that project.

The headphones will need to be connected to a device that has the accompanying app to the headphones, and through this the headphones can connect to Neurowears database of songs, and play a song that is supposed to match your mood. The headphones even have LED displays on the sides that can display information about the wearers mood.

The headphones are yet to be released, but the concept itself is certainly a very interesting one!