Mi.Mu Glove Lets You Control Music Just With Your Hand


They say that laughter is the best medicine, but after laughter comes music. To my brain, neither is the medicine. The best medicine is actually, well, medicine. Still, both laughter and music are extremely important to the health of our souls(even if they don’t do diddleysquat for the health of our bodies.) So it’s always a great pleasure of mine when I get to bring you some kind of new wearable tech that brings some innovative and new ideas to the world of music making. After all, making music is more and more becoming the purview of your average Joe at home, rather than some kind of professional bozo with a mullet or whatever.

Here is something called the Mi.Mu Glove.  This amazing tech-heavy glove lets you make music just by using your hands. Wait, don’t musical instruments already do that? Yes, but this is different. Consider this like some kind of high tech theremin or something. All you do is strap this thing on and let the glove do the rest. It works via an advanced gesture recognition system which can be programmed to make just about any music you can dream up. It even has a wi-fi sensor built right in so you can stream said music right to the ever-loving cloud.

The company hasn’t funded the glove yet, but they are hoping to do just that by starting a Kickstarter page. The only downside to all of this high tech goodness? It comes at a high price. Pre-ordering a Mi.Mu glove will set you back around $2,000. That’s a whole lot of triangles.