MetaWear Platform Brings DIY to Wearable Technology


Wearable technology shows so much promise, an absurd amount of promise. Yet, most of the mainstream tech that is being produced falls into one of just a handful of categories. You have your fitness trackers. You have your smartwatches. You have your virtual reality thingamajobbers. Surely, there must be some bizarre new ideas in wearable tech that nobody has thought of yet. What if you, dear reader, have thought of one of these and are looking for a way to implement your ideas and, thus, change the world? It’s pretty hard to get a meeting with Google nowadays, we hear. Luckily, there is a brand new DIY wearable technology platform that makes this easier than ever before.

Introducing MetaWear, a really snazzy platform that brings DIY to wearable tech. This product makes designing your own wearable technology easy as wearable pie. Essentially, it’s a series of tiny chip sets that work alongside a design application. The creators say you can have your idea up and running within thirty minutes of starting work on it. Those are some impressive stats. It even has a sample iOS app built in so you can test out to make sure everything works right. They even offer custom enclosures to ensure that chips are not just hanging out hully gully on people’s track suits.

This is an innovative idea, to be sure. They’ve recently taken it to Kickstarter to receive final funding, which they did in spades. If you want to preorder your very own MetaWear and start developing your own ideas, you can get one by plunking over around $100(this varies depending on a number of factors, however.)