Meta Watch goes all in with their new dev kit, increased iOS and Bluetooth 4.0 support


Remember when watches didn’t do much at all? Well, they told time of course but they were a far cry from the kind of digital tomfoolery that leaked into our collective consciousnesses via Dick Tracy. That time is, of course, long gone. Sure we don’t have the exact timepieces from our favorite comic strip sleuth(yet) but they are getting damned close.  Meta Watch, who have been on the cusp of this thing for a while, put a new tech-feather in their cap with the release of a new and infinitely useful dev kit for their line of watches.

This major upgrade comes with all kinds of bells and whistles. There are, of course, literal bells and whistles in the form of a new audio suite that accompanies the devices. Meta Watches now offer full iOS and Bluetooth 4.0 support(finally.) 2012 is here and it’s fantastic. Also, the new line of watches feature a crisp 96×96 pixel sunlight-viewable LCD, a host of programmable buttons, an accelerometer, vibrating motor, ambient light sensor and your choice of two-colored straps.

All of this additional functionality comes at a price, however. The Meta Watch, available through the company itself or through Texas Instruments, will set you back $199. This may sound like a lot in this age of tablets and smartphones but there is one major difference between the technologies: You can’t effortlessly wear a tablet. The units are available now. What are you waiting for? That Nazi spy Pruneface is not going to catch himself.