Meta Pro Sunglasses Could Out Pace Even Google Glass


Ever since Google dropped their VR-enabled glasses device on the world, every other company has been scurrying to follow suit. In other words, there will soon be plenty of glasses to throw on our faces that do a whole lot of cool techy things. One thing most of these glasses have in common, however, is that they do not help us refract annoying sunlight. Also, they don’t make us look cool and detached. We need a pair of smartglasses that go well with our leather jacket and brand new pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes. In other words, we need smart sunglasses. Luckily, they are on the way.

A company called Meta have been quietly slaving away on a pair of amazingly cool sunglasses called the Meta Pro. These glasses are sort of like wearing Iron Man’s robo-butler on your face. They do just about anything you can think of, actually outpacing the feature set seen in current iterations of Glass. They can tell who you are simply by analyzing your hands, for one. They can also control the on/off switches of electronic devices around your house. You can squeeze your fingers together in mid-air to shut the living room lamp off. Now that’s cool.

The only downside to this rich feature set? Uh, you had better get your wallets filled with goodies. When the Meta Pro sunglasses launch in March, they will set you back approximately 300,000 pennies. A pair will cost you $3,000.