Meta AR glasses let you control virtual objects with your fingers


The real world, while pretty cool, can be fairly drab sometimes. Ever since man stalked the caves of our ancestry, we have constantly sought to find better and better entertainment. Nowadays the Holy Grail in this regard is perfect virtual reality, like the Holodeck on Star Trek. We are pretty far from that kind of immersion but thanks to a group of researchers we may not be as far as you think. World, meet the newest, bestest AR glasses on the block.

The product is named, rather strikingly, Meta, and was recently demoed at a meeting of augmented reality enthusiasts in New York City. The inventors are justifiably proud of their creation, saying that it is a “two part wearable computer [that] allows users to play with virtual objects in 3D space using nature’s perfect controllers — their hands.”

It works by combing a pair of personal viewer glasses with a finger-tracking camera. The result? Our fingers get tracked and we can manipulate all manner of fake realities. Soon, very soon, we’ll be pretending to be Sherlock Holmes while tracking down a fake, yet still nefarious, Moriarty. Not too soon, though. The creators say these glasses are still in the initial planning stages and are nowhere near ready for public consumption. However, the parts are out there. If you are feeling decidedly techy, you should give it a go yourself! Let us know how it goes. Check a video of the glasses in action below.